Awareness Is Key:

States in the USA have filed for an official "State Of Emergency" after the uncontrollable outbreak of COVID-19. America is currently scarce on ventilators for medical workers providing support on the front line of a health crisis. America's CDC guidelines indicate the only appropriate respiration mask for medical staff members is a registered N-95 filter. The FDA has declared N-95 respirators not to be used by the public. Please keep in mind these masks are designed to be disposable for medical staff workers per shift change. 

N-95 respirators are disposable and should never be cleaned for re-use.

CDC recommends that N-95 respirators not be misappropriated by the general public.

Surgical masks are a loose-fitting, disposable devise that creates a physical barrier between the mouth - nose and contaminants to the immediate environment. These masks are made in different thicknesses with different abilities to protect you from liquids, however due to the open ended vent exhaustion designed by this mask, it does not deem as a relevant candidate for any airborne pathogenic viruses.

The middle-ground solution developed for the general public includes an N-95 filter in one of the five separate layers combined to mediate the creation of a reusable day-to-day filtration respirator with ventilation.