Health & Wellbeing

A pure hearted dedication to health and well-being:

In wake of how a tragic and novel epidemic has impacted society in such a small period of time springs about new inspiration for outreaching in both vital health information and first hand physical connection with the American people. Update Wellness is designed to keep those listening informed, educated, aware and proactive in light of such a dark period of period of time.

Although public events and infrastructure may be changed forever, it does not need to become a significant lifestyle altering depressant. We - as a nation - need to strive for a middle ground of comfort and safety, which should not come at the expense of putting life on hold until further notice.

At this time of crisis, medical staff workers are unable to attain the proper equipment to protect themselves while serving others. This begins a long line of chain reactions leading to an inevitable path of disarray. PLEASE, LEAVE THE CERTIFIED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELD. PLEASE LEAVE ALL DISPOSABLE HEALTHCARE ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR OUR FRONT LINE DEFENSE TEAM. ANY DISPOSITION OF MATERIALS IN THE HANDS OF THE PUBLIC IS ANOTHER STEP BACKWARDS.

We offer an equivalent, machine washable, reusable air filtering solution open for the general public

The aspiration from here forward should transition long run priorities from the treatment of illness - to the active promotion of wellness. Protecting longevity over wellness is the best cure for illness. Protect your health 'at all coughs', practice 'health defense'. Live your life comfortable, aware and prosperously